How To Get Rid Of Flies

A female fly can lay between 400-600 eggs in it’s lifetime (upto 30 days) making fly control extermely important for your home and business.

Based on this fact, it is easy to see how a small problem can quickly turn into a large infestation if you do nothing to control flies.

Once a problem has been identified, there are simple ways you can get rid of flies and reduce their numbers on your property, such as:

  • You can make some practical, cost-free changes around your premises to deter flies. This may be as simple as doing some thorough deep-cleaning.
  • Use some low-cost DIY fly products, which may sometimes require time to install but could further help your efforts at fly control.

Tips to help prevent flies

You could, of course, also take these preventative steps to help curb the onset of flies:

All Safe fly control treatments

Using a professional fly control service is the most effective way to control flies from your business. Your All safe pest control expert will follow the ERDM approach to ensure your long-term protection:

  • Exclusion – Proofing of doors, windows, roof vents, etc. to prevent flies entering a premises.
  • Restriction – General good housekeeping practices to remove possible fly breeding sites.
  • Destruction – Use of the correct fly control treatment for your individual circumstances.
  • Monitoring – Inspection during regular visits.

Once a survey of your premises is complete, your All Safe pest control expert will recommend a fly control treatment program especially for your needs. It may include one, or a combination, of the following:

  • Baiting
  • Misting
  • Larviciding
  • Fly Bags

Used in conjunction with the ERDM practices, you will have effective, long-term protection from flies for your business.

Flies Control